The Castle is located at the Ny Viborgvej - Østerrisvej roundabout. It is related to the Square, located at the Ny Viborgvej - Ringvej Syd roundabout.

As other binary stars they form one whole together. The Square forms part of the Castle, and vice versa. As such they encourage us to consider how to understand the relationship between openness and closeness. One interpretation could be that the protection of the Castle is a precondition for the conversation in the Square - and that the open conversation in the Square on the other hand is what makes the Castle strong. But what is actually square and castle in our personal lives?

The form language is that of the Castle. A fine example is the local medieval castle Spøttrup. In terms of idea the inspiration is man’s tradition of building defences. It is castles, town walls, desert forts, moats, fences, and hedges. It is everything we do - in buildings or in other ways - to protect ourselves from the world and to have a safe place in it.


Jacob Jensen Design
BGB A/S - Bertel Gantriis Byggevirksomhed
Nordisk Granit Import A/S
Material: Iron structures covered with granite. Angles covered with 30 mm granite plates. Sandblasted upper half. Polished lower half.
Angle weight: 1.500 kg
Total weight: 6.000 kg
Height: 4,25 m

Publiceret 26-06-2015